Shinjuku main street
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Shinjuku Ohdori Shopping District Promotion Association

The Shinjuku Station east exit

Shinjukusanchome Station

Tokyo Metro
Shinjuku-Gyoemmae Station

  • ●MELBA (capital Riichi Building company)
  • ●Alps temple of camera
  • ●Shinjuku Alta
  • ●AOKI (Japanese laurel shoe store)
  • ●Kent, Shinjuku
  • ●Kinokuniya Co.,Ltd. Shinjuku Main Store
  • ●Kawase Building (Kawase Real estate Ltd.) ●Shinjuku east exit blood donation room ●Mizuho Bank Shinjuku Branch
  • ●Men's plaza Japanese laurel Shinjuku east exit shop
  • ●A| X ARMANI EXCAHANGE Shinjuku store
  • ●㈱Isamiya
  • ●Isetan Shinjuku
  • ●Bridal salon HANA
  • ●Sawano flower arrangement shop
  • ●Meiji guns gunpowder shop /li>
  • ●Ltd. Shinjuku Takano
  • ●Shinjuku Nakamuraya Head Office
  • ●Shinseido building ●Laox watch dot
  • ●Ando Building Ltd. ●Window Shinjuku branch which does not become dim
  • ●Ogino Building ●Ginza diamond Shiraishi
  • ●UNIQLO (BICQLO Shinjuku east exit store) ●BIC CAMERA (BICQLO Shinjuku east exit store)
  • ●Shinjuku Marui Main Building ●Marui, Kita Building
  • ●JTB Tokyo Shinjuku Branch
  • ●JEANS MATE Shinjuku store
  • ●Oiwake dango main office ●(kyo) Shinjuku specialty store society
  • ●Ltd. world temple Shinjuku Main Store
  • ●Manufacturers shirt Kamakura Shinjuku-sanchome yeast building shop
  • ●Koshu shop drapery
  • ●Ltd. Mount Oe
  • ●Medical corporation corporation order Masae Hirooka clinic
  • ●The haircut first
  • ●Ltd. school clothes center
  • ●Shinjuku Station
Happy holiday
We are deeply sorry for victim of earthquake, storm of rain, heavy snowfall and so on.
Please accept my best wishes for their reconstruction and health.
We are deeply engaged in helping them.
Shinjuku Ohdori Shopping District Promotion Association
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Please be careful of pickpocket and baggage lifting. Ignore any unscrupulous sales practicers who target on women.

Shinjuku Ohdori Shopping District Promotion Association secretariat address:
〒160-0022 2-11-7, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 33rd shrine garden building Room 301
Telephone: 03-3341-1195 FAX: 03-3341-1986