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Shinjuku Marui Main Building
Shinjuku Marui Main Building
"Shop where man and woman of the wide generation can enjoy fashion forever usefully casually"
As well as woman, menu for men and shop to be able to enjoy in men and women, lifestyle miscellaneous goods menu are fulfilling. Shoes and bag look forward to by wide assortment of goods with ladies' men. When we want to draw breath a little, there is cafe restaurant, rooftop garden, too.
(there are Shinjuku Marui annex, Shinjuku Marui men in Shinjuku district other than Shinjuku Marui Main Building. Let alone ladies', men's miscellaneous goods, we prepare shop to be able to enjoy to wide customer including restaurant and cafe and are waiting for your visit with Shinjuku Marui 3 building.)
Shinjuku Nakamuraya
Shinjuku Nakamuraya
We opened sale of Japanese and Western cakes, establishment and business affairs of restaurant with the times since it was founded as baker and moved to the present location in 1909 from Tokyo, Hongo.
 Shinjuku Nakamuraya main store was reopened as commercial building "Shinjuku Nakamuraya building" in October, 2014. Manna which has you do meal mainly on Nakamuraya pure India type curry. Granna in response to request of various dinner meetings including memorial day, class reunion and girls-only gathering of family. Bonna which provides side dishes of restaurant specifications that sweets and chef whom only here including Japanese and Western cakes which cake craftsman finishes in shop has make. Nakamuraya salon Museum which work related to Nakamuraya can enjoy. We will suggest meal and culture (art) only by Nakamuraya.
Shinjuku Alta
Shinjuku Alta
A fashion Building located in front of east exit of Shinjuku train station. The landmark is a big “VISION”. Inside the building are establishments ranging from brand store, famous amongst teenager and those in their twenties, to restaurants and bars where you can rest at will. In total about 80 establishments are open in the building. On the 7th floor is an acquisition studio from where the latest trends are being broadcasted through ALTA without interruption.
The 1st floor is very famous as a rendez-vous point.
Isetan Shinjuku Main Store
Isetan Shinjuku Main Store
 Flagship store of Isetan group counting approximately 26 million annual entering a shop number of visitors.
 we aim at making high quality shopon the international screen both in the products and the services we offer. there is a main hall and men hall. In the department store industry our sale of clothing tops the charts in Japan A symbol for "Isetan's fashion". In Kanto area, there are 6 stores of Shinjuku Main Store and Tachikawa shop, Matsudo shop, Urawa store, Sagamihara shop, Fuchu shop.
Lifestyle Cosmetic brand "L'Occitane" which was born in rich southern France, Provence wrapped naturally of the shining sun and flowers in full glory.
We develop many good-quality Item in higher than world approximately 70 countries, and we are loved including celebrity of the world by people with feelings since we started as plant source charges and pioneer of essential oil-based skin care.
Oiwake dango main office
Oiwake dango main office
Flavor and taste of the four seasons to breathe deep into Japanese heart in Japan of Change and diet of generation
We are planning to be based on constituency where any people regardless of age or sex is wide in correspondence with change.
Ltd. Isamiya
Ltd. Isamiya
this is the Isamiya Building. B1~3F Muji ryohin 4F Hokkaido-Aji 5F Banya 8F Cosplay shop to name just a few are shops present in the building.
Kent, Shinjuku
Kent, Shinjuku
"Live house Kent, Shinjuku stimulating sense of fun of any people regardless of age or sex"
Kent, Shinjuku sending the hit number to funky in every night in the 70-80 generation of gems such as good old SOUL, R & B or 70's disco number. Please enjoy delicious dishes and liquor with live.
In addition, world big Aristrist and domestic Aristrist performed respect of more than the times are casts regularly. It is attractive one of Kent, Shinjuku that you can see the best entertainment at distance that we seem to be able to reach at any moment. Though hear while tipping Cup; excellent; though do, and dance; excellent; do, and is alone;, even in the group, is a shoulder and an elbow shop to be able to enjoy in own arm of a river without being enlarged. It is Kent, Shinjuku.
Marui, Kita Building
Marui, Kita Building
"Marui, Kita Building"

[the completion] April, 2009
[design, control] ISHIMOTO ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING FIRM, INC., Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei JV
[structure] Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei
[construction] TODA, OBAYASHI (concourse connection Exit widening construction under the ground)
[scale] A total of 21,847 8 stories above the ground and 2 stories underground㎡

<design concept>
○Building which is loved for a long time by people visiting Shinjuku
○We possess the latest earthquake-resistant performance and firefighting equipment and provide safe space for relief
○We provide space of good healing of comfort to become rest and place of exchange
○Thorough energy saving by introduction of effective facilities such as LED lights
○We provide space of healing, and it is considered CO2 reduction by active placement of planting of green

 [firefighting] We provide safe free space using refuge security inspection law in all facilities
 "Commissioner, Fire and Disaster Management Agency commendation receiving a prize as for the excellent firefighting equipment in 2009"

  [the upper echelon]
  ・Outer wall which we rubbed Japanese paper which embodied taste of the sum by hand and modelled
  ・We paint photocatalyst in GRC panel with shadow
  ・We locate LED light in wall surface and pose gentle light to Shinjuku main street after the sunset
  [low-rise building part]
  ・We make use of the largest frontage in Shinjuku main street more than 70m and depend on the supervision, design of Emiko Futami
   We give planting and provide walker space that is full of green

[connection to underpass]
  To Shinjukusanchome Station concourse of Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Fukutoshin Line,
  From Shinjuku main street underpass step, stairs Equal; the first floor and connection to cry under the ground
  We give wall surface facing underpass materials of natural texture of plasterer craftsman Shuhei Hasado,
  Space of peace is provided to people walking underpass

[the roof]
  Tree planting with garden
Shinjuku Takano
Shinjuku Takano
What makes Shinjuku Takano stand out amongst it's competitors is we never change on make delicious thing more tasty. Yearning which "please have delicious thing in peace" "wants to send thing which is more natural, and is fresh" to since it opened as Takano fruit shop in 1885 (Meiji 18) is uninterrupted than the first generation and is inherited and lives to present Shinjuku Takano. In living to surround present to everyday diet and important one, fruit including seasonal greetings, it wants to be always familiar partner of. Based on feelings only in store specializing in fruit which we cultivated during long history, Shinjuku Takano will provide high-quality taste from now on.
Laox watch dot
Laox watch dot
A wide variety of products are available. From the locally made brands, the best watch amusement nationwide, to foreign made brands. There are counter dedicated to repairing and aftercare service too for the satisfaction of our customers. At present, there is a high demand for clocks for anything concerning watches, please come to "WATCH". In addition, the 6th and the 7th floor was made duty free floors for foreign customers. Souvenirs such electrical appliances and folk crafts that can be use oversea were also made available.
Shinseido building
Shinseido building
there are three shops in the building Laox watch dot, "shinseido bag shop" for bags, "Pasta Mama" a Spaghetti shop. Laox watch dot sells a wide variety of products ranging from local brands to overseas brands. Shinseido bag store is a well-established store founded in 1934 and specializes in bag for men. Pasta Mama is a restaurant famous for its enormous pasta plates.
Ltd. Fuji store
Ltd. Fuji store
B1F-1F perfect suit factory
2F cheesecake cafe
3F Garlic shop five gate-guard office
7F profit
8F essence K