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We play and watch and listen
BICQLO BIC CAMERA Shinjuku east exit store
BICQLO BIC CAMERA Shinjuku east exit store
The world is surprised! It is Shinjuku BICQLO different dimension zone! BIC CAMERA Shinjuku east exit store is aggregate of specialty store prepared in anything from Alarm Clock of good morning to absent pillow. BICQLO which opened "a feeling of splendid mess" with "household appliances X clothes" in concept increased store specializing in mountain climbing articles "ishiisansen" and casual clothing "GU" newly and was polished in different dimension zone more and more!
Koshu shop drapery
Koshu shop drapery
A pretty display that is nostalgic is the trademark of this store. For the customer to enjoy fully, a coordinator is there to help.
In addition, we can also repair or sew your kimono.

Furthermore, we started offering a new service-rental kimono recreation.‐

Look under here for more details.

We are looking forward your visit.
Kent, Shinjuku
Kent, Shinjuku
"Live house Kent, Shinjuku stimulating sense of fun of any people regardless of age or sex"
Kent, Shinjuku sending the hit number to funky in every night in the 70-80 generation of gems such as good old SOUL, R & B or 70's disco number. Please enjoy delicious dishes and liquor with live.
In addition, world big Aristrist and domestic Aristrist performed respect of more than the times are casts regularly. It is attractive one of Kent, Shinjuku that you can see the best entertainment at distance that we seem to be able to reach at any moment. Though hear while tipping Cup; excellent; though do, and dance; excellent; do, and is alone;, even in the group, is a shoulder and an elbow shop to be able to enjoy in own arm of a river without being enlarged. It is Kent, Shinjuku.
Ltd. JTB Tokyo Shinjuku Branch
Ltd. JTB Tokyo Shinjuku Branch
Welcome to page of JTB Shinjuku Branch
It is ... from one-day bus trip to around-the-world CRYDD
If it is JTB Shinjuku Branch, various trips are choice. Other than consultation floor of domestic travel, overseas travel, professional staff looks forward to to Uede INGNI and CRYDD in royal lounge which you can talk about slowly. Of course please leave package tour.
Besides, please use JTB Shinjuku Branch as well as trips such as gift coupon and trip reserving, credit card.
Commencing with campaign information that is advantageous in homepage, trip information that is pleasant with convenience is varied! You peep out, and please see.