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Window Shinjuku branch which does not become dim
Window Shinjuku branch which does not become dim
Selection of insurance of assent to "window which does not become dim"

"We want to confirm whether insurance taking out fits oneself."
"Can you not save premium?…"
As "we got married, we want to think about insurance."
"You should prepare for educational expenses how"
Though "the old age is uneasy, is there smart preparations method?"
Though "update of automobile insurance is near, what should I do?…"etc.

Please consult about question and uneasiness about your life plan and insurance in anything.
Plan that expert matched each customer from approximately 35 insurance products
We guide. There is not impossible invitation.
As we offer kids' corner and baby bed, we are reliable with children.
As consultation is free, please come after reservation casually in telephone or web.
Reservation that is early in what is crowded on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays!

We look forward to all the staff, your visit.
Bridal salon HANA Shinjuku main store  
Bridal salon HANA Shinjuku main store  
Costume salon proud of 1,500 points of apparel total number in a 1-minute walk to from Tokyo Metro Shinjukusanchome Station.
From gorgeous princess line to chic slender line, we offer abundant variation that can support every scene.
As it is open until 10:00 p.m. on weekdays, you can try on for work return slowly. Please find the destined first place in HANA.
Ogino Building
Ogino Building
It faces Shinjuku main street becoming vehicle-free promenade on holiday and is in front of Kinokuniya Shinjuku Main Store on Sunday. It is on the right side of BICQLO.
We are leasing to Cima (diamond Shiraishi) in all rooms now.
Musashino parking lot
Musashino parking lot
The Musashino parking lot closure

Saturday, July 20, 2013
It was closed down having this.
Thank you for your longtime patronage.
AOKI (Japanese laurel shoe store)
AOKI (Japanese laurel shoe store)
We have shoes which we seem to be able to suggest to customer of wide needs from Recruit to model size (25.0-26.0cm), trendy product. Please come to the store casually. We wait for all the staff.
Alps temple of camera
Alps temple of camera
It is founded in 1930. Store specializing in used camera is Alps temple of camera. Location that under 1-minute walk are more convenient than JR Shinjuku Station. It carries from famed classic camera including RAIKA Rollei to the latest digital camera abundantly widely. Please drop in at Shinjuku on calling.
We look forward to than all the staff feeling.
In addition, we carry out expensive purchase of machine parts about photograph including camera lenses accessories. If there are machine parts which became unnecessary, bring to our restaurant. When there is large amount of quantity, we do business trip purchase. At first please feel free to contact over telephone.
Ando Building Ltd.
Ando Building Ltd.
Existing Ando Building
About facade design
[design design] : sankeikiichi 
[design, control] : Kazuhiro Kawagoe
[design choice chairperson] : Our president Yoneko Ando
[design design expense] : We
[the basics, groundwork construction] : Ltd. Yoshinobu construction
[production, setting] : Use of 1,800 Ltd. tag LED (0.7W) lighting
[production expense] : Life Co.,Ltd. plaza Holdings
Ginza diamond Shiraishi
Ginza diamond Shiraishi
Japanese largest bridal diamond specialty store "Ginza diamond Shiraishi" proud of the number of the engage ring making a promise more than approximately 15 sets so far. We deal with design, processing, sale from the stocking consistently and we choose certain diamond of quality and rich design frame in budget freely and can make wished-for ring. Professional konsaruju, high collective strength including after-sale service of relief are attractive.
To brand homepage where we renewed NEWS such as new work or fair!
Men's plaza Japanese laurel Shinjuku east exit shop
Men's plaza Japanese laurel Shinjuku east exit shop
Look, a feeling of refined good quality to touch, and to feel.
・・・ SMART Quality ...

We acquire the first place that was particular about material and silhouette, comfort.
It is creation of lifestyle of own, dividing through fashion. Basics being stylish above all. And thing of good quality.
Aoki suggests styling letting intelligence that took in higher-grade quality and sense in the times in all "business" "formal dress" "trip" scene skillfully feel in winter in the autumn of 2005.