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Ltd. school clothes center
Ltd. school clothes center
It is store specializing in uniforms of Shinjuku. Since the formation in 1931 (Showa 6), we perform plan, production, sale such as various school articles, company uniform including uniform, standard clothes of school designation in the ground of Shinjuku.

◎If it is uniform, leave it to me in anything
Kawase Building (Kawase Real estate Ltd.)
Kawase Building (Kawase Real estate Ltd.)
Kawase Building is the neighbor of Kii country shop bookstore.
In 1 - 2F "Sumitomo Mitsui Banking,"
It is building where "UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE" enters in B2.
The details of shop on every floor of the building. The link to the store’s detail is written under here.
Window Shinjuku branch which does not become dim
Window Shinjuku branch which does not become dim
Selection of insurance of assent to "window which does not become dim"

"We want to confirm whether insurance taking out fits oneself."
"Can you not save premium?…"
As "we got married, we want to think about insurance."
"You should prepare for educational expenses how"
Though "the old age is uneasy, is there smart preparations method?"
Though "update of automobile insurance is near, what should I do?…"etc.

Please consult about question and uneasiness about your life plan and insurance in anything.
Plan that expert matched each customer from approximately 35 insurance products
We guide. There is not impossible invitation.
As we offer kids' corner and baby bed, we are reliable with children.
As consultation is free, please come after reservation casually in telephone or web.
Reservation that is early in what is crowded on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays!

We look forward to all the staff, your visit.
Mizuho Bank Shinjuku Branch
Mizuho Bank Shinjuku Branch
It is ... towards general financial group providing the most suitable finance solution for ... all of you
Mizuho Bank Shinjuku Branch opened as the first city bank in Shinjuku district as Meiji Shogyo Bank Shinjuku Branch on May 15, 1923, and it was by bank size combination just after in the Yasuda Bank Shinjuku branch. Commencing with merger of bank Shinjuku Branch of 1944 of the Showa era, we unify five branches and become designated financial institution of Shinjuku-ku from 1950.
In addition, about name, we accomplished the change as Mizuho Bank from Fuji Bank and 2002 from Meiji Shogyo Bank, Yasuda Bank, 1948. The name changed, but we always aimed at bank which could help to local customer most and crossed for a long time in 90 and provided a great variety of finance solution in which lived in Shinjuku, which worked.

Odori, Shinjuku mall developed as absolute symbol of Shinjuku Station proud of world's largest passenger getting on and off number. It is expected that construction start of passage free to do east and west, Fukutoshin Line that we extend, and Odori mall is used will increase in future. We Mizuho Bank wants to work on not only own business but also local action as member of Shinjuku Ohdori Shopping District Promotion Association which is main street of international city Shinjuku positively in that, too.
Come to Mizuho Bank window in Hulic Shinjuku building casually. We look forward to your visit.
Bridal salon HANA Shinjuku main store  
Bridal salon HANA Shinjuku main store  
Costume salon proud of 1,500 points of apparel total number in a 1-minute walk to from Tokyo Metro Shinjukusanchome Station.
From gorgeous princess line to chic slender line, we offer abundant variation that can support every scene.
As it is open until 10:00 p.m. on weekdays, you can try on for work return slowly. Please find the destined first place in HANA.
Ogino Building
Ogino Building
It faces Shinjuku main street becoming vehicle-free promenade on holiday and is in front of Kinokuniya Shinjuku Main Store on Sunday. It is on the right side of BICQLO.
We are leasing to Cima (diamond Shiraishi) in all rooms now.
Medical corporation corporation order Masae Hirooka clinic
Medical corporation corporation order Masae Hirooka clinic
Shinjuku Imperial garden is near, and we establish clinic along Shinjuku street which the convenience to transportation has good, and more than ten year, we try hard already to provide high quality medical care trusted by always local.
Our clinic establishes foreign medical treatment section in floor on the third floor and treats outpatient department that made full use of tip medical care that is kind to no person in "clinic Nara" including thermotherapy to treat hyposensitization and prostatomegaly of Pollinosis in a day. Furthermore, we add examination center to floor on the fourth floor, and be prepared, and quick and precision inspection and detailed explanation by the medical attendant teach rich examination menu which accepted purpose from group medical examination of company to clinical survey. We do introduction to "medical institution specialized in altitude" other than treatment at our hospital as needed by any chance when disease is detected. In addition, for "lifestyle-related disease," we perform "kinesitherapy" or "nutrition instruction" other than medication treatment in cooperation with "Chuck Wilson health counseling center". In addition, we perform check of "mental health" (mental health), and the specialized staff copes for the prevention, early detection, treatment of psychological disorder. Furthermore, for aging problem that will worsen still more, we will judge individual aging degree properly in future and perform instruction that we put together in mental and physical state of each one including mental health care and "anti-aging medical care" treating.
Ltd. JTB Tokyo Shinjuku Branch
Ltd. JTB Tokyo Shinjuku Branch
Welcome to page of JTB Shinjuku Branch
It is ... from one-day bus trip to around-the-world CRYDD
If it is JTB Shinjuku Branch, various trips are choice. Other than consultation floor of domestic travel, overseas travel, professional staff looks forward to to Uede INGNI and CRYDD in royal lounge which you can talk about slowly. Of course please leave package tour.
Besides, please use JTB Shinjuku Branch as well as trips such as gift coupon and trip reserving, credit card.
Commencing with campaign information that is advantageous in homepage, trip information that is pleasant with convenience is varied! You peep out, and please see.
Cooperative Shinjuku specialty store society
Cooperative Shinjuku specialty store society
The 52nd anniversary of the foundation. Shinjuku specialty store society started in 1953 so that young managers of Shinjuku contributed to development of "town" after the war in the times when there was not room in confusion. Thereafter we move forward with the cause of idea of "oath of our meeting", "town" while experiencing change of generation.