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MELBA (capital Riichi Building company) () to take meruba (and to be, and to be worn down) To WEB site of this shop
MELBA (capital Riichi Building company)
MELBA (capital Riichi Building company) <MELBA> (meruba) is select shop of leather bag (bag), accessory (wallets) mainly on case leather in the Shinjuku east exit station square of Tokyo.
It is had Item to match men's ladies' or casual business and various style and scene.
Find your favorite special dish; if can help, is happy.

As service after purchasing in our restaurant,
We heard care by custody and repair.
Though want to see using leather products, this is the first time; which uneasy, care method are anxious about,
Please consult with our restaurant staff in peace!

Address The first floor of 3-23-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku capital Riichi Building
Access We go out the JR Shinjuku Station east exit and are immediate. Row of studio Alta.
TEL 03-3350-5362 FAX 03-3350-5362
Card Rakuten
Business hours From 11:00 to 20:00
*It is the opening time at 13:00 on September 8
Regular holiday Tuesday, September 19

●Store handling brand

MELBA (capital Riichi Building company) "ALBERO" (Al vero)

"CI-VA" (Cheever)

"TRION" (try on) "lapu-lapu" (rapurapu)

"SATOLI" (realize /BANBI)

"ultima TOKYO" (urutima /ACE)

There are product and new work which we cannot finish putting on homepage.
In addition, we perform telephone, email, mail order with FAX.
Thing you are looking for if have any questions, please feel free to contact.

● Item using leather of rare Matsusaka beef ●

MELBA (capital Riichi Building company) Series using leather of Matsusaka beef
"SATORI" (realize).

Special oil and fat included in leather of Matsusaka beef,
We bring flexibility and texture,
Unique luster is born whenever we embezzle.

We let you feel careful handwork of artisan
Special dish made in Japan
Do you not make yours?

We introduce the product details in this page.

※By the situation that color of publication product displays,
It may be slightly different. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

● Case leather Item ●

MELBA (capital Riichi Building company)
Leather, case leather which add to taste whenever we embezzle.

Case leather was tannic acid of plant and tanned
It is strong leather which we do not process.
Wind of nature matches; the same case leather,
We deteriorate with time in unique reddish yellow.

We repeat time and repeat memories,
For original Item only for you
Do you not bring up?

Photograph (left front) is color and luster of use for two years.
This product our restaurant,
We introduce in HP site.

※By the situation that color of publication product displays,
It may be slightly different.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.